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Let's look further.

Your organization has at its core a purpose – some spark that led its founders to step onto an new and unmarked path.  As you expand and respond to new threats and opportunities, you need to translate this purpose to a bigger audience across a bewildering array of channels.  We're here to help.

Marketing is not advertising.  It's more than pretty pictures and clever words (though we like those too!).  Marketing creates a clear vision for the future; aligns your leadership team to that vision; and builds the tribe who will make your vision a reality.  Tactics like design, copywriting, web development and search marketing bring your vision to the world – but they must follow from a powerful sense of purpose.

If that sounds like more work than just making a new ad campaign, well, it is.  But it's what separates the great companies from the merely good ones.  And I hope you're here because you're looking to do something great.  I founded ORION INDEPENDENT to unite my network of freelance professionals around the world – developed over 16 years in branding, strategy, and digital marketing – to support real transformation for companies like yours.

Creating exceptional growth is what drives me.  I’ve been privileged to spend my career supporting teams of creatives and technologists, turning complex objectives into achievable plans – and then guiding those plans forward to meet business goals and bring new ideas into the world. 

Yes, we can knock out this week's urgent project.  But then let's look beyond this week.  Let's define a purpose that's worth fighting for, and make it a reality.  Let's look further – together.

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